Our Vision And Mission

IRECA / Our Vision And Mission

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Building Wealth Through Real Estate, Together

The International Real Estate Wealth Association (IREWA) aims to empower individuals, entrepreneurs and the nation to build wealth through the real estate sector. IREWA provides training and skills, access to knowledge and resources, and connects stakeholders in the industry to promote responsible and ethical practices. The organisation also helps create employment opportunities and trains local youth. IREWA’s platform brings together real estate stakeholders for knowledge sharing, training, and business opportunities. IREWA’s vision is to make real estate a source of wealth and prosperity for all.

Core Values Of IRECA

Our Mission

  1. Enable People to start Real Estate Consulting Businesses by giving knowledge and network.
  2. Provide the investor with knowledge and information to create wealth.
  3. Help Real Estate entrepreneurs to create support seem to increase business. 
  4. Providing Skills and employment opportunities for local youth in the real estate sector. 
  5. Helping startups and encouraging entrepreneurship.
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