Building Wealth Through Real Estate, Together

International Real Estate Wealth Association


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Our Vision

Our Mission

  • To create a knowledge-driven platform for Real Estate Stakeholders who want to build wealth through skilling, business, and investment
  • Enable People to start Real Estate Consulting Businesses by giving knowledge and network.
  • Provide the investor with knowledge and information to create wealth.
  • Help Real Estate entrepreneurs to create support seem to increase business.
  • Providing Skills and employment opportunities for local youth in the real estate sector.
  • Helping startups and encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • Bring Innovation into the sector.

Our purpose is to assist people, enterprises, and the country to develop wealth via the real estate industry.

Our vision is to make real estate a source of wealth and success for everybody.

Building Wealth Through Real Estate, Together

The platform provides

  • Training and skills
  • Access to information and resources
  • Connections between stakeholders
  • Creation of employment opportunities
  • Training of local Youth, and Mentor Entrepreneurs.

What we do

Why Join IRECA ?

IREWA (Real Estate Wealth Association) is valuable because it provides a consolidated platform for real estate stakeholders to obtain knowledge, access resources, and network with others in the sector. It can help them create riches through business or investment in real estate. It can help in bringing an International Network of Real Estate Professionals and provides a platform for all the stakeholders at a Global level.


IRECA offers information on numerous aspects of the real estate industry, which can be helpful for both new entrants and established participants.

IRECA conducts training and skilling programs that help members improve the skills and information they need to succeed in the real estate profession.

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IRECA supports real estate entrepreneurs, assisting them to scale and sustain their enterprises.

IRECA offers a forum for members to network with others in the industry, which can help them build new business contacts and increase their reach.

Knowledge and Information

Training and skilling

Access to Resources



International Real Estate Wealth Association
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